Obsessive Branding Disorder 1
Monday, January 12, 2009

Brands and branding are a perpetual target in the media.

Brands play such an important role in our lives but appear largely misunderstood. Brands are so close to us that we assume to know them. In the same way we assume to know ourselves until we start looking more closely.

Although I haven't (and don't intend to) read Lucas Conley's Obsessive Branding Disorder I have been able to make a number of observations from Adrian Shaughnessy's review of his book on Design Observer.

In brief, I point out that it is not Brand which has failed but the language space used to make sense of brands and branding.

If you've been following my opinion, you should begin to notice a pattern in my language. Better yet you will notice that I am using a different kind of language to hold my position.

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