Ecowear and merchandise startup
Wednesday, April 8, 2009

On the strength of the Nvohk identity I designed last year I've secured a startup ecowear and merchandise project in the United States. The initial scope of work was to design the brand identity, which has now been extended to include name generation and additional brand consulting.

This project is the first commercial fruit of my efforts to socialise my content and market my services more extensively online. I've also been developing proprietary brand consulting tools over the last few months which are proving useful to this project.

The top level consultancies I've worked for in the past have provided me with insights into very effective brand consulting methodologies. To these I've added my own innovations, which I hope will prove useful in the long term development of my creative endeavours.

As soon as I get a gap I will add an inspiration and theory section to this website. The theory section will demonstrate my vision for brand consulting.

Click on the Nvohk identity above to view the work that lead to this new project.