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Thursday, July 16, 2009

There isn't anything inherently wrong with referring to logos. The term has mainstream currency and it is the easiest way to describe what I do for a living.

I've found myself heavily criticising the use of the term 'logo' on various blogs recently, not only because logo design is superficial and logos do not carry brands but because there is a more compelling alternative available. An alternative that has the weight of a whole new set of terms and definitions that do justice to the perception and experience of brands and at the same time gives primacy to the expression of the brand in a single mark.

Tony Spaeth and a group of collaborators has weighed in with a new forum to discuss identity issues on the strength of Tony's well respected Identityworks. Tony agrees with me, he describes logos as facile but yet continues to support reference to logos because the term is in common use in mainstream media.

If branding is one of the vital discussions of our time according to Landor Associates then there is a compelling reason to offer a much more effective presentation of brand consulting and the associated brand identity work. I believe a full frontal assault on the use of the term logo will not only spearhead a change in perception of brands publicly but will also re-energise the brand consulting industry.

To find out more click on the image above to go to my posts extracted to this website in the opinion section, where you will also find more about my position and the direction I am taking with this approach.