Naming process
Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We may share a similar meaning for particular words with groups of people but everyone has their own very personal and subjective associations. Generally, the larger the group the more stable and 'secure' the meaning but the more likely a name will also be in use as a brand mark.

I've developed a brand naming process and presentation format that 'does what it says on the can'. It's an intuitive and spontaneous process that I generate in a day's worth of my time, without any trademark, URL and search engine checks. I draw on what I know exists and is likely to exist, in order to capture a unique brand experience in an own-able name.

Cinelli & Associates commissioned me to generate names for their eco-clothing startup after we agreed that their incumbent name was not up to the task of leading their brand identity. We went through two naming presentations, each of a day's worth of my time to land a name we were all excited about. Wiloh had a clean URL and best of all no previous trademark applications.

You can download both presentations from the links below. From presentation 1 my personal recommended was Kale and from presentation 2, Kokoda.

Naming presentation 1
Naming presentation 2