2012 Olympics
Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I expect the debate over the 2012 Olympics identity will fire up again closer to the games. In the meantime, whenever problems arise with preparations for the games, cheap shots get taken at the logo. I type logo with gritted teeth. Referring to the 2012 brandmark as the primary representative of the 2012 brand experience will, with little doubt, be lost on those taking pot shots.

At the height of the debate in 2007 I voiced my opinion in defence of the new identity on the Wireality forum. I've added my posts to the forum in the about section. Click on the 2012 Wolff Olins image above to go there directly.

Wireality is a member email forum so the posts may come across as disjointed and out of context but the main thrust of my position should be apparent.

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