Brand New identity reviews
Thursday, February 19, 2009

Armin Vit over at Brand New has been busy. There have been a number of high profile brand identities drawing a lot of media attention recently. Quick off the mark, Brand New covers most major brand identity developments and is fast becoming an established blog covering this kind of work.

Although the audience is mostly US-based, many of the featured brands are global. The reviews tend to be design-centric and not as strategically insightful and as thorough as Tony Spaeth's Identity Works. Brand New also draws a lot of designers who judge the work in terms of 'logos', which to my mind is an old fashioned and narrow view of brand identity.

The opinion section on my website continues to grow from the comments I've posted on Brand New. At the risk of pedantry, comments are constructed to reflect the language I use to assess brand identity design work. I hope the pattern in my language becomes more evident on reading my posts collectively.

Click on the brandmarks above to go to the respective comments. There you will find a link to the original post but you may need to dredge through many hastily composed and ill-considered comments on the Brand New blog.

I've edited the odd glaring typo.