Growing opinions
Friday, May 8, 2009

It is useful to think of brands as collectively held opinions. This makes brand consulting the selling and management of opinion. A brand strategy or a brandmark design is nothing other than opinion. All the complex elements that describe a brand experience can be handled as a nested set of opinions, which describe a larger opinion - the brand itself.

All the work in my portfolio demonstrates my commercially realised opinions. To the furtherance of my creative offering I hold opinions about other brands and seek to offer my view of new brand identities or branding related issues. These opinions demonstrate how I think about brand identity design and consulting.

The opinion section on this website is growing rapidly. I qualify my reviews as much as possible and present bite-sized assessments as interestingly as I can.

Many new identites get scathing reviews but amongst these are a few celebrated examples of great brand thinking. I believe the three brand identities featured above are successful. Click on the individual brandmarks to go to the reviews extracted to this website. From there you can link to the original post on the various blogs.